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May 2018 FOUR-ever FRESH Kit

May 2018 FOUR-ever FRESH Kit


Calling all sheet masks queens! This month, we are bringing you four brand new sheet masks that will confirm your LOVE for all things self care + sheet masks! Get your springtime glow going with a new kit of four effective masks. These masks contain any sheet mask lover’s favorite ingredients such as rose, rice, and green tea extracts to keep your skin bright and full of energy.

Our FOUR-ever FRESH Kits include 4 masks and insert with helpful tips and information about the month's curations - all packed into our resealable poly bag. 
Masks include:
Beauty chuck I’m real Gira mask Rose
Dearpacker Rice Mask
Skin Planet Daily Fresh Garden Mask Sheet Pomegranate
Epona Jeju Green Tea Intensive Whitening Face Mask