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April 2018 SEVEN LUX Box

April 2018 SEVEN LUX Box


It’s the season to watch sunsets, go on picnics, and enjoy great company! We have the perfect LUX box to get your skin ready for many celebrations to come! This set of carefully curated sheet masks will keep your skin vibrant, radiant, and glowy, 24/7 with its moisturizing ingredients and unique functions! Feel the spring vibes as we bring you a full set of seven masks that remind you of dreamy sunsets with its vibrant colors.

Our SEVEN LUX boxes include 7 masks and insert with helpful tips and information about the month's curations - all packed into our cute box. 

Masks include:

Mediskin Intensive Brightening Mask Pack
Beaucros Rose Mask Pack
DewyTree Collagen Melting-Chou Mask
No:hj Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask
Elensilia-IntraCELL Escargot + Caviar Repairing Mask
Ultrue I’m Sorry For My Skin, Black Mud Mask-Tightening
Royal Skin Anti-Wrinkle Bio Cellulose MasK