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Beautycon Marketplace Supplier Guide

   1. Beautycon Marketplace eCommerce Program Overview

The Beautycon Marketplace is an eCommerce enabled website serving as a direct to consumer fulfillment hub in which orders from customers who love our brand partner supplier ("Supplier") products pass orders through our website and are then presented to the brand partner supplier to fulfill and ship directly to the end customers. 

Brand Supplier Partner


Retailer (Beautycon)

Sends product SKUs & costs per item

Receives products & adds to webstore

Receives order & ships package

Sends order information to Supplier

Automates tracking

Receives tracking & notifies customer

Receives $$$ (Increased Sales)

Pays Supplier for all shipped orders

  1. Product Selection, Submission and Updates

Supplier and Hingeto (Beautycon's drop-ship platform and technical partner) will be responsible for product induction. This includes, but is not limited to, the Supplier's initial selection of product information, SKUs, MSRP, costs, images, and shipping rates. Beautycon and the Supplier will then mutually determine which product(s) will be sold by Beautycon to the Beautycon Marketplace customers.

  • Product Integration

Hingeto will lead an integration process with the Supplier. In most cases they will integrate directly into the Seller's own direct to consumer or dropship system (via Shopify app, EDI or other methods). The goal is to reduce manual work in induction of product information & inventory by connecting to the Supplier's existing systems.

  • Product Retail Pricing

Beautycon is free to charge any retail price, provided that it is not less than the Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP"). Only the Supplier sets the MAP. Beautycon will not accept any MAP that is higher than pricing found on other authorized retailer sales channels.

  • Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment

Our Beautycon Marketplace goal is to make the Supplier a direct extension of Beautycon. Thus, the key to a positive end customer experience is maintaining consistency in the fulfillment process. Here's how we find a way to automate orders and tracking.

Order & Fulfillment


Order Transmission

Once an end customer places and pays for an order, Beautycon then pays for the order (to and through the platform) and that order request is sent directly to the Supplier.

Ship Order

Supplier is expected to ship within 3 days. The Supplier will have all the information needed to ship the order.

Shipment Confirmations

The order is not considered shipped until a valid tracking number is attached to the order & scanned by the delivery carrier. Through our Beautycon Marketplace eCommerce platform integration, once the order is shipped, a tracking number is automatically generated for the order.

Cancellations & Delays

Partial or complete cancellation of the order may be required due to the Supplier’s inability to fulfill the item(s) or at the request of Beautycon. Supplier must cancel orders if they cannot ship and must also immediately notify Hingeto support if there are any expected delays.

Order Issues

For issues not related to product availability including, but not limited to, incomplete ship-to address or incorrect packing slip information, the Supplier should contact Hingeto to try to resolve the problem prior to cancelling the order.

Shipping Errors

Shipping errors such as improperly addressing a package may result in a customer not receiving the order or receiving the wrong item. These errors will result in a credit to Beautycon and deduction from Supplier settlement.

Branding and Collateral Material

Through the Beautycon Marketplace, Suppliers must use generic packaging and are prohibited from including branded inserts, rebates or any collateral material designed to directly drive customers to the Supplier's own website or webstore or any other eCommerce platform. Violation may result in removal from program.

Packing Slip

A non-branded packing list must be included with all customer shipments unless Beautycon supplies a custom format.

● Must include the proper return instructions agreed upon by Beautycon and Supplier.

● Standard text on the packing list cannot be altered.

● Any deviations from the packing list specifications require express approval in writing from Beautycon.

● For multiple carton shipments, a copy of the packing list must be included with each carton.

  1. Shipping Costs & Returns

Shipping Cost

Through the process of integration, Suppliers designate their shipping rates via a template. Beautycon agrees to pay the Supplier in full in accordance to the shipping rates provided (included in settlement of each transaction).


Suppliers are always responsible for damaged or misshipped orders and agree to have their settlements deducted for all verified misshipped orders. Suppliers must provide proof through the form provided on the platform and must also include images and must approve the misshipped orders via the Beautycon Marketplace Supplier App.


The Beautycon Marketplace accepts exchanges & returns for orders meeting the following requirements:

● Incorrect item(s) shipped due to Beautycon error

● Material flaws due to Supplier production error (picture documentation is required)

  1. Customer Service Commitment

Beautycon considers each Supplier an extension of their fulfillment network and thus each Supplier has a responsibility to communicate in a timely fashion with Hingeto or Beautycon to resolve all issues that may arise. Suppliers are never required to interface directly with the end customers and should avoid doing so.

Beautycon’s customer service department will be working directly with end customers on all inquiries and issues. Beautycon or Hingeto will connect with the Supplier as needed to address and resolve all such customer inquiries.

  • Suppliers must provide a customer service contact who can be reached during normal business hours.
  • Suppliers must provide an email address that reaches multiple internal people (i.e. distribution list).
  • Suppliers are required to respond within 48 hours to all inquiries
  1. Payment

The Supplier will be paid monthly, on a net 30 basis, for all orders shipped during the preceding such month. As Supplier will only receive orders for fulfillment that Beautycon has already paid to/through Hingeto. Thus, the Supplier is not in jeopardy of not receiving payments.

Payment Method

Wire or Paypal


Monthly payments

Basis of the payment to Supplier:

1. Cost of goods x number of units sold

2. Shipping cost in full (based on your provided rates)


Credits for misshipped, cancelled or returned orders.

  1. Supplier Performance Evaluation

Supplier compliance to policies and standards (e.g. orders ship in 1-3 days) will be evaluated monthly. Poor performance may result in Supplier removal from the program.

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Please reach out to your brand manager for a copy the Beautycon Marketplace Supplier Guide.