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Beautycon Marketplace Products + Inventory Guidelines

  1. Download your product file from your Shopify Admin Products page. You can review step by step instructions on how to Export Products HERE, and our Product Template HERE.
  1. Once you’ve downloaded your entire product file please make sure the two columns below are in your excel sheet with the proper data.
    1. Wholesale Cost
    2. MSRP/Retail Price (Note: This column may exist and be labeled as ‘Variant Price’.)
  2. After you’ve added the two columns above please make sure there is a cost and retail prices for each product line. The cost and retail prices you set here is what the retailer will have access to.
  3. E-mail your completed Shopify Product excel file to your account manager

Minimum Product Requirement Fields -

  • Product Title
  • Body (HTML) - Product description/details
  • Vendor -
  • Type - Input desired category ie; Lip, Skincare, Makeup
  • Color
  • Variant SKU #
  • Product Size(s) (if available)
  • Variant Inventory Qty
  • Wholesale Cost - Price/cost
  • Variant Price - MSRP/Retail Price