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July 2018 SEVEN LUX Box

July 2018 SEVEN LUX Box


It’s time to pack up, take a trip, and experience new adventures! If you’re on the go and need something to satisfy your skin, these masks are easy and portable to take for any of your travels! With colorful sheet masks that you can use wherever you go, these masks with amazing ingredients will take you on a journey to get healthy, glowing skin. From a mask with the Mona Lisa on the front cover, to a mask called the “London Shopper” Mask, you’ll feel like you just traveled the world!

Our SEVEN LUX boxes include 7 masks and insert with helpful tips and information about the month's curations - all packed into our cute box. 

Masks include:

Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack Mask
Medius Cream Mask Gold Sericin
Oerbeua Firming Mask
London Shopper Dr Lola Mask
Berrisom Soda Bubble Mask Aqua Fruit
Wonjin 3 Step Amino Up Mask
Entia No Filter Moisturizing Camera Mask