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September 2018 SEVEN LUX Box

September 2018 SEVEN LUX Box


This September, keep yourself in check and well taken care of! Whether it be eating a healthy meal, going on a jog, or doing your skin care routine (along with a sheet mask of course), we want you to glow from the inside out! This month, we are here to help as we bring you seven different sheet masks that range from FaceTory’s own hydrating multi-step mask, all the way to masks with different types of fabrics and nourishing ingredients.

Our SEVEN LUX boxes include 7 masks and insert with helpful tips and information about the month's curations - all packed into our cute box. 

Masks include:

FaceTory Woah that H2O
MerBliss Intense Soothing Gauze Seal Mask, Nurse Healing
Better Skin Premium Volcanic Ash & Botanical Fermentation Detoxing Sheet Mask
Hello Skin Jumiso Hydration Mask
Nada The Yellow Sheet Mask
Inner Kallia Cream Mask Pack
23 Years Old Sitra Dermaseal