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Carina Chaz, Founder of DedCool

“Creating and cultivating your vision and seeing it come to life is exhilarating. I strive to focus on the vision and not let the negative cloud it.” -Carina Chaz

Founded by self-proclaimed beauty junkie Carina Chaz in 2016, DedCool launched as a collection of unisex fragrances at a time when the perfume game was totally stagnant. Creating a genderless, non-toxic brand that disrupted mainstream expectations was gutsy and practically demanded as a society continues to shift away from industry standards. With non-basic Chazstick flavors like Cannabis and Rose, DedCool has a naturally chic edge to it that Chaz has applied a lifetime of experience to. She grew up in a household well-versed in the beauty industry and has been mixing lotions and potions practically birth. Now with DedCool, Chaz hooks us up with an eco-conscious lifestyle product that’s about to get even bigger in 2019!

What is your definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty is wellness & self-care.

When do you feel like your best self?

I always feel my best self when I am collaborating with my team while creating newness.

In one sentence, what sparked the idea for your product/brand?

As a beauty junkie and consumer, I felt as though the fragrance world was stagnant.

What’s the most important thing you want your brand to be known for/known as?

Creating a new category of fragrance that speaks volumes about their wearer as well as not having to compromise for ingredient quality.

What’s something you learned about yourself as you built your brand?

I learned not to overthink things. Creating and cultivating your vision and seeing it come to life is exhilarating - I strive to focus on the vision and not let the negative cloud it.

What is your earliest memory of falling in love with beauty/skincare/cosmetics?

I grew up in a household well-versed in the beauty industry. As a child, the manufacture was my playground - You could say I’ve been mixing lotions and potions since birth.

Your brand takes part in the rewriting of “beauty standards”, and that’s why we love you! How has your own perception on those standards evolved over the years?

Over the years, I have learned so much about the industry! My beauty standards continue in promoting wellness and by creating products that are good, GOOD for you & the environment.

What’s your brand’s sign?

The brand’s sign is creating a genderless approach to beauty while being eco-conscious, with a naturally chic edge.

Your bathroom is up in flames, which product from your line do you grab without hesitation?

CHAZSTICKS! I use them for pretty much everything…

When it comes to breaking beauty standards-who is your hero?

Lady Gaga

Describe your brand in three words!

Disruptive, innovative & Chic

Who or what has had the biggest influence on you?

The response that we’re from Instagram and happy customers – this means I’m doing something right!

Predict the “next big thing”... what’s it gonna be?

Green Beauty ;)

If your brand threw a party, what would it be celebrating?

New collection launches and some other exciting things in the pipeline. Coming soon in 2019.

When we say “Beautycon” what POPs into your head

Colors & some badass boss babes.

If you were an author and wanted to dedicate your book/this business to 
someone, who would it be and why?

My parents! I wouldn’t have reached any success if I didn’t have my support team.